Douven's Avengers

Into The Tower, part 2.

The Life & Times of Mikael Stormriven, ch. 6

As the rest of the party caught their breath from the encounter with Lurgoraak, Romana performed some kind of primal ritual on one of the Eladrin statues, and then began speaking to them and asking them questions. I had seen her do this before, in Six Kings. The rest of us glanced around awkwardly as she held a one-way conversation with a chunk of rock.

She announced her findings— apparently, a group of orcs & gnolls had recently passed by, led by a handful of humans and dwarves. One dwarf had a glowing rune that bypassed the defense mechanisms. I silently wished I had had that rune a few minutes ago… Nevertheless, it seemed that we were not too far behind the Kundarak & Aundaire officials we were spying on. But why were they enlisting the help of orcs and gnolls?!

Without any time to waste, we descended downward into the Fomorians’ twisted anti-spire. I felt a chill creep down my neck, as corridor after corridor was decorated with statues of elves being defiled in the sickest ways possible.

We spotted a gnoll holding a torch in a hallway and halted. Tor volunteered to sneak up and scout and then report back. The rest of the group assented, watching him slink away into the darkness. We could faintly see his eyes glowing as he stalked up to the platform the gnoll stood upon. Then, suddenly and to everyone’s surprise, Tor drew Great Sword and pounced at the gnoll. So much for scouting! We rushed ahead, but it was too late— arrows rained down upon Tor from a nearby group of orcs we hadn’t seen, and Tor went down on the floor like a heavy carpet.

When the rest of us caught up, the orcs & gnolls didn’t provide much more trouble. They were clearly just a small sentry force left behind to stand guard. Maaka brought Tor back from the brink of death, but to be honest, we are feeling a bit wary that his bloodthirst is going to get the rest of us killed one of these days.

Whilst Maaka was tending to the arrow-filled Tor, we again performed a ritual to find some answers. Steeple did some disgusting things to one of the dead gnolls, and it began to speak to us in a high-pitched lurching voice. Steeple began to interrogate it, and it revealed that the orcs and gnolls had indeed entered the tower along with a pack of humans and dwarves led by Dame Felenis ir’Whisper, but that the orcs and gnolls had (somewhat predictably, if you ask me) turned on the others. That is about as much as information Steeple could get out of them before the magic faded and the dead gnoll’s jaw went slack.

We began to further explore the tower and came upon a giant cavern in which an enormous spider had made its web, tended to—and worshipped by!— a gang of dark elves who had clearly gone mad down here in the tower. I fear that we will end up equally insane if we stay down here much longer. We slew the spider and her minions, but left one alive for questioning. We will turn him over to Tor shortly…

I just pray that we find the answers we need, as we are a bit tattered and I can’t take much more of this horrible, horrible place.



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