Corlin Brightwaters

A swarthy, boisterous man at home aboard an elemental galleon.


Corlin is an aging human with a weathered face who is usually dressed in sailor livery.


When as a young lad Corlin was discovered as a stowaway aboard a Lyrander elemental galleon, he was immediately put to work earning his passage by scrubbing the deck. And thus was born a life-long career aboard Planestrider. Corlin worked hard and eventually made his way up through the ranks, eventually becoming captain despite a lack of any arcane ability. Beloved by his crew, Corlin and his elemental galleon sailed the seas of Eberron partaking in many adventures.

His own history made him sympathetic when, nearly 20 years later, Corlin discovered a pregnant elf hiding in his cargo hold. And when that same elf died during childbirth before he could put them to land, Corlin and his wife raised the baby, Mikael Stormriven, as their own.

Despite being sixty-five years old now, Corlin remains in good health and still captains Planestrider for House Lyrander.

Corlin Brightwaters

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