Corwin Gunders

"French" Mage


Corwin grew up an orphan in Eastern Aundair, where he studied magic under the tutelage of a stern taskmaster. When his taskmaster refused to teach him more powerful magic, he fled to the Eldeen Reaches where he met a hedge witch, who taught him the powers of transmutation.

When a band of adventurers tracked down Corwin’s new mentor for past crimes, Corwin simply stood by and let them slay her.
As he left the hut where he had trained, he encountered an imp who had escaped from the demon wastes, yet was injured. Corwin bound the weakened demon to his will.

He began a life as an adventurer with his imp, whom he named Mister Fingers. He accepted a mission from the King’s Citadel in Breland to recover Ashurta’s Blade along with Turlough Berwick, Quartz, Sutekh, and a compliment of Brelish scouts.


Corwin Gunders

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