Mikael Stormriven

Half-elf lightning-wielding airship-pirate extraordinaire.


A tall, lithe, golden-haired half-elf with a cocksure swagger and a smirk on his face.



Mikael’s parentage is mostly unknown. His mother, a golden-haired elf, was discovered as a stowaway on an elemental galleon leaving Aerenal. Massively pregnant, she died during childbirth shortly after being found. With her dying breath the uttered the words “D’larrana ni’re” (crudely translated as “the storm tears” in common), which eventually became Mikael’s surname, Stormriven. Nothing is known about his father, but how an elven woman could have become pregnant with a half-human baby in Aerenal is a mystery that has always nagged at Mikael.

The Lyrander-owned elemental galleon was captained by a swarthy yet kind man named Corlin Brightwaters. In the midst of a months-long ocean journey to the port of Stormreach in Xen’drik to trade for exotic goods, Corlin and his crew didn’t know what to do with the baby, so it fell to Corlin’s wife to take care of it. By the time they reached port, any notions of giving the baby away had vanished and been replaced by affection, and although the crew occasionally grumbled about having a baby on board, they had enough respect for Corlin and his wife to just ignore it.

And so Mikael grew up serving on the decks of the galleon Planestrider, studying history and geography with his adopted mother whilst learning swordplay and sailing with his father. When he came of age and the time came to strike out on his own, he bid farewell to the seas and took to the skies aboard a newly-built Lyrander airship, “D’orana T’gal” (“Heaven’s Breath”).

Ten years passed in the blink of an eye as Mikael travelled the world. He adopted a cocksure swagger and charm that broke more than one heart and bloodied more than one nose. He worked his way up the ranks to eventually become the second lieutenant aboard Heaven’s Breath. Life was filled with comraderie, women, adventure, and enough pay to ensure a belly full of wine and fine food at every port in Khorvaire.

And then the storm happened…

The entire crew of Heaven’s Breath was killed during a mystical storm that seemed to come out of nowhere. Mikael awoke amidst the wreckage to discovered everyone dead and the cargo missing. In the weeks that followed, several House Lyrander inquisitors attempted to locate Mikael, as the House was convinced that Mikael was in on what happened. Mikael fled to the far reaches of civilization, where he was taken in by Douven Staul and his scions. The rest is history!

Notable Adventures

  • Received Aecris Longsword from a dead knight in Shadowfell Keep.
  • Knocked unconscious during an epic battle with Kalarel, an evil necromancer, who may or may not have survived.
  • In Sharn, managed to clear his name and was reaccepted into House Lyrander, despite still having many enemies within the house.
  • Got on the front page of the Sharn Inquisitive for helping slay a kruthik broodmother in the warrens.
  • Helped find Ashurta’s Blade.


Mikael hopes to find out what exactly happened the day of the big storm. He also hopes to clear his name and rise within the ranks of House Lyrander, something which he has already had some success with.

Eventually, Mikael dreams of captaining his own airship and travelling the world.

Mikael Stormriven

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