Changeling Spy


When the party neared Winterhaven, they saved a young female elf who was being attacked by kobolds. She identified herself as Delphina Moongem, a inhabitant and flower merchant from the town of Winterhaven. Unfortunately, her lack of botany knowledge immediately led an inquisitive Romana to being suspicious of her.

In truth, the real Delphina had been murdered and this woman, a changeling doppelganger named Sil, had taken her place.

She was not being attacked at all, but issuing orders to the kobolds, and when she heard the group coming, told the kobolds to pretend to attack her.

She was tasked with distracting any adventurers who may stumble into the town by needlessly sending them after the kobolds. She also had orders to search for an item of power called “the third rib in the sinister side”.

While searching for the rib, she encountered Douven Staul and killed him. The group found her at the burial site and killed her.


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