The blade of the famed knight Sir Keegan.

weapon (melee)

The sword itself is a longsword with a gold pommel in the shape of a lion, with three rubies embedded in the hilt. It possesses a divine ability to lay to rest the spirits of undead creatures.


During their quest through the Keep on the Shadowfell, the party found the tomb of Sir Keegan, a knight devoted to Dol Arrah. The party made a plea to his ghost for help. He responded by gifting them his personal longsword Aecris to use against Kalarel. Mikael Stormriven assumed ownership of the blade, but when he fell in battle, Romana took up Aecris and made a final mighty blow. That is the last anyone can remember of that day.

Mikael now wields the blade again. Lately, Steeple has been making some rumblings about possibly magically upgrading Aecris, but one look at Steeple’s creepy golem creations has Mikael a little apprehensive about this.


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