Ashurta's Blade

A piece of the Ashen Crown, this blade bestows great might upon it's wielder.

weapon (melee)

Made of byeshk, it is the centerpiece of the Ashen Crown, a legendary Dhakaani artifact whose pieces have been scattered across Khorvaire. It can assume the form of any blade its wielder desires.


Douven’s Avengers retrieved this artifact from the depths of Ashurta’s Tomb. The party decided to entrust it to Tor. Unfortunately, soon thereafter, Tor began to behave erratically and with sudden outbursts of violence. He even went so far as to viciously carve out the eye of someone— in a church!

Ever since, the party has kept a close eye on Tor and has grown suspicious that the Blade may have a corrupting influence upon it’s wielder.

Ashurta's Blade

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