Ernest Pradaig

Deposed Lord of Winterhaven


Ernest Pradaig was a soldier in the Karrnathi army. In a pivotal battle, one of his commanders, Elian the Old, quit the field, leading his men elsewhere. Most of the army was lost.

Pradaig was ordered to regroup and join with another army, but he refused, stating that the people of Winterhaven had lost enough of their sons and fathers, and turned the army home to protect the town.

When kobolds began attacking the town, he put out word that adventurers were needed as he didn’t have the forces to fight them off.

He didn’t think much of the group that responded, despite their lack of reputation, they haggled for more gold, and seemed rude and mercenary. After they completed the task, Pradaig warmed to them a little, despite Mikael slapping down the severed tail of a kobold on his desk.

Soon thereafter, the town was attacked by undead. Pradaig was relieved when the heroes offered to help. After they culled the zombies and their leader, Pradaig dubbed them the Heroes of Winterhaven.

When they didn’t return from the keep, Pradaig decided it was important enough to marshal the entirety of Winterhaven’s defense to determine their whereabouts. This decision cost him his title, for when he returned, the military was there to escort him from the kingdom.

Now exiled, he seeks political allies in Sharn to help him reclaim his birthright.

Ernest Pradaig

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