Evil Wizard


Kalarel is a lithe, long-haired human of sinister bent.


Kalarel led a cult in western Karnnath whose goblin and kobold followers believed served the desired of a legendary fiend trapped in Khyber known as the “Horned God” or Orcus, Demon Prince of Undeath.

In reality, Kalarel is an agent of the Blood of Vol, and was attempting to summon not Orcus, but a powerful exarch of Orcus named Doresain.

Kalarel had a few agents in Winterhaven; Sil the changeling and Ninaran the dusk hag, both operating in disguise, were sent to watch for trouble.

The party faced Kalarel in the depths of the Keep on the Shadowfell. He was able to defeat them, but in the ensuing battle, Romana took up Mikael’s sword, Aecris, and dealt a vicious blow to the wizard, cutting off his left ear.

After the party’s defeat, it is unknown what happened to the wizard. He has sent agents after the party, but has yet to reveal himself again.


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