Turlough Berwick


Turlough is a finely-dressed, attractive human pledged to the King’s Citadel in Breland.


Turlough was born a dragonmarked heir, bearing the mark of sentinel. He was kicked out of House Deneith for become too emotionally invested in the outcome of the war. He became a smuggler, harrying supply lines and attacking out-of-the-way outposts.

His efforts were noticed by King Boranel of Breland, and after evading the kings forces for many months, Turlough was brought in, thanks to the efforts of his former allies in House Deneith.

King Boranel saw the vale in the work he had done, and saw that, deep down, Turlough was a good and honorable man who cared deeply for the fate of the nation. Boranel pardoned him of his crimes in return for his pledge of service to Breland on the condition he join the King’s Dark Lanterns, which Turlough gladly accepted.

After the war’s end, Turlough continued to serve the king. He was summoned to the court by Captain Kaleas who informed him that he was being sent to recover Ashurta’s Blade from a group of adventurers, and return it to the Kech Sharaat goblins. He was sent along with the mage, Corwin Gunders; a warforged warrior of the King’s Guard, Quartz; a silent deva avenger, Sutekh; and a compliment of the King’s finest scouts.

Turlough tracked the party down to the town of Ardev, on the border of Breland and Droaam.

Turlough Berwick

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